Monday, April 30, 2012

Fridge Problems

I’ve been trying to find out what is up with our fridge. It all started a little over a week ago. The fins in the back of the fridge frosted up. I defrosted the thing a few weeks ago and it was running fine until one morning I opened the door and noticed the fins covered in frost and our half gallon of milk was frozen.

I took everything out and defrosted the thin for most of the day.

I reloaded it and within a few hours it was frozen again!

We loaded up all our groceries and took them to the club house. We loaded the refrigerator in the kitchen and came back to defrost again. This time we defrosted for the entire day.

We turned it back on before going to bed and woke up the next morning to a frozen  fridge !!!!!
We tried everything. We put it on the lowest setting, we tried it on propane, we made sure the drain tube was not stopped up.

I made a few phone calls and found one RV parts place that had a thermostat for our Norcold fridge.
It cost $23.00 with tax. 

We came back to the fiver and I removed the old thermostat and installed the new one.
Next morning we have frost on the fins but it’s not frozen. We now have it set on the lowest setting and it seems to be working fine for now.

If it doesn’t start working right soon, I’ll have to throw in the towel and have a professional look at it.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!!