Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food and Fun

We've been having a blast.

Dawn and I cooked up a Build-Your-Own-Taco dinner for the park. Everyone paid $4.00 and they built their own taco's and had plenty for dessert.

Our friend Charlie was also celebrating his 80th birthday so we made carrot cake for him.

We made our way back to Moondogs for Nachos. Their nacho are very good and very large. Next time we'll share an order!

We have been so busy we kinda of fell behind on the laundry. We some how managed to load our twelve loads of dirty laundry into the truck. That's right, 12 loads. That also included all our blankets, sheets and duds.

We went with a couple of other girls into Corpus and did a little shopping last week. We bought a really cute little outdoor table and a couple of matching chairs.

It is perfect for us. It all folds up flat for storing.

Well it's time to go for now. We are going to Oyster Fest today. FUN TIMES!!!!!!!