Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goliad State Park-Texas

Goliad, Texas
Weather Condition; High 83, Low 72,

Today we hooked up to our traveling home and moved to our new location.  Goliad, Texas.

It was a little strange preparing to travel again after sitting in one spot for five months. We spent our morning running a few last minute errands. Once the errands were behind us, it was time to get all hooked up and pull out.  We did pretty well at getting all hooked up. We took our time and it took us about two hours.

The real problem was the humidity and it was pretty warm at ten o’clock this morning! We were the last of the winter Texans to leave Coastal Oaks RV Resort.  Well Karin is still there.

We said our goodbyes to Manager Marg and Joe. Buddy also came out to send us off. We will really miss Marg and Joe. They are great people and made us feel right at home from the get-go. We will also miss our new friend Karin. She is great fun with a wonderful sense of humor. We’ll also miss Jim and DeDe. They are a fun couple and they also made us feel like family.      

Anyway, after our goodbyes, we headed north to Goliad, Texas. It was a short seventy mile drive. That’s fine by me. I like those short drives from one location to the next.

We really like our site. The park isn’t full!

Our Review;

±     Partially Shaded, level pull-thru paved sites, grill, picnic table, wildlife, lake, 50amp, good water pressure, friendly staff, river, mission, hiking trail, 3miles to shopping and fuel, TV signal, Verizon Signal, quiet, reservations required, gated park  

-       None


  1. looks like you had a nice short travel day...I wonder if its not the humidity causing the fins to freeze up...ours was doing that for a while in fl..but once we headed back here it was fine...

  2. It's "fun" packing up after being in one place for 1 month so I can't imagine 5 months. I can imagine that you met many good friends during that time though.

  3. Goliad State Park is a great place to stay. I was there for a week in December. Lots of opportunities for walking and biking.

  4. I just told Catherine, I thought you might just stay all year :). Looks like a nice state park.

  5. A nice short drive is just the way to ease back into travel mode. The park looks nice and quiet there in Goliad.

  6. Lots of history to be seen there...There is a Mexican restaurant just beyond the presidio..and the town square is great. also be sure to visit the Coletto creek monument where Col. Fannin's troups were captured....have some Margarita, but you may have to make your own..We had trouble finding any drinks in the town..