Friday, August 31, 2012

Raining in Eureka Springs

It rained here all day so we ran to the grocery store and stopped by the Thrift Store.
There is only one grocery store here in Eureka Springs. It's not a very large store and the prices are more expensive. Why not, you have to drive a good ways to shop at a chain grocery store.

We did get a good deal at the thrift store. I paid $4.00 for a step.

I know it's meant for exercising but it will come in handy for Miss Short legs when the bottom step isn't close to the ground. She likes it!

We noticed our neighbors spying on us last night.


  1. wow good buy on the step...I also am 'short legs' I must look for one of them...there are times I feel like I'm climbing a mountain to get in the coach....good idea...

  2. laughed at the "short legs" comment... Sharon keeps a stool by in the passenger seat so her feet can always touch the ground...

  3. McGyver put a little step down for me when we had to pull the rig up on blocks on one side..I still managed to walk outside in the dark with a pan full of water and end up on the ground...

  4. Don't ya' just get annoyed at nosey neighbors?