Sunday, September 2, 2012

Relaxing in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Wanderlust RV Park, 
Weather Condition; High 97 Low 62, Sunny

Yesterday we drove into Berryville and explored a little. Berryville is only 11 miles from Eureka Springs and they have Super Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, KFC, Sears, O’Rielly’s Auto Parts and Sonic.

We rented a couple of Redbox movies and picked a few groceries. We stopped by Sonic because Dawn has not had a Sonic coke in 2 weeks. She really needed her fix!

The traffic here in Eureka Springs has really increased since we arrived. I’m sure it’s not because we’re here but because it is a holiday weekend. We returned to the fiver and spent the afternoon relaxing.

This morning we drove down the street to the Passion Play area so we could get pictures of the Jesus of the Ozarks. 

We also drove downtown. There were hordes of people everywhere. We decided to go home and explore downtown after all the weekend tourist leave.