Monday, September 17, 2012

Branson, Missouri and Friends

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Wanderlust RV Park, 
Weather Condition; High 74 Low 63, Rain

We are feeling so much better and decided we would drive over to Branson, Missouri and spend the day with Bud and Bette.

The only thing holding us back was I didn’t want to leave until the people parked beside us left. It’s kind of a long story but I’ll try to make it short.

Last Thursday a group of 12 RV’s pulled into the park. It was an older group of people. The oldest in the group pulled his fifth wheel (25 Foot) next to our fiver. When I say next to, I mean he pulled so close that his slide out would have hit our bedroom slide if he would have extended it. This little old man was over 80 and sat on a crocheted pillow in his truck.

I was a nervous wreck as I watched out the window. He got out of his truck and looked things over and then he proceeded to pull his trailer forward. He finally pulled completely out of the site slinging gravel everywhere and almost taking the rear corner of our fiver with him. Once he got passed our fiver I breathed a sigh of relief that he was moving to another site.

Oh, NO, a minute later he was back. This time he pulled in with more distance between us and him. Let me say, all the sites here are gravel. This man only knows fast and brake. He was slinging gravel forward and back. It took him about thirty minutes to get situated into his site.

Now back to us leaving to visit friends in Branson. I wanted to wait until this man pulled out before leaving in case he did snag our fiver, I would be here to get insurance information from him. Meanwhile, I got ready for Branson and prayed the entire time that there would be no incidents when he pulled out.

Well, he pulled out about about 8:30 and it was without incident. Thank you Lord.

We pulled out about 9:00 and headed to Table Rock Lake at Branson. It was raining and we encountered some foggy too. The drive was a little nerve wracking because we didn’t know the roads and they were steep and curvy.  In some places it was so foggy that I couldn’t drive faster than 30 mph.  

We did make it to Table Rock Lake in Branson in about an hour and half. The rain finally stopped just before we reached the lake.

It was so good to see Bud and Bette. We visited with them for a while when their daughter Melinda and her husband, Frosty showed up. We all loaded up in their van and drove to the Landing at Branson for lunch.

Lunch was great. We had a good lunch and a great visit. After lunch we walked along the landing was checked out the shops. A few hours later we were back in the van touring Branson.  Frosty drove us around and showed us the sites. I took a lot of pictures.

Dawn and I said our good byes at 5:30 and drove back to Eureka Springs. The drive was nice without the rain and fog.

We were tired when we got back to the fiver!