Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinner with Cousins

We spent yesterday hanging around the fiver. In the late afternoon a cool front come through and the temperature dropped about 5 degrees.

We had dinner with my cousin Resa and her husband Bill. They live about fifteen miles from Eureka Springs. 

She told me she would meet us at an intersection near her house and we could follow her to her house, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to find it because she lives off the beaten path.

We met her at the intersection as instructed. She told us her house was about five miles down the road. We followed her down the highway about two miles and then she turned onto a rock road. This road twisted and curved for what seemed like forever into the thick woods. Dawn and I were in aw about how far off the paved road she lived. She then pulled up to a gate and we processed up a narrow rock driveway for a good ways. We weren’t even sure if we were still in the same state!

Resa and Bill have a beautiful home that sets in the woods. It’s a very peaceful place.

Resa prepared a wonderful dinner. Boy, what a dinner we had! T-Bone steaks, salad, beans, loaded potatoes and rolls. She also served warm apple pie with ice cream. WOW!

We sat around the dining room table and talked and laughed until almost 11:00 P.M.

Thanks again Bill and Resa for a great dinner and lots of laughs.