Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Official, We're Gate Attendants

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 78 Low 60, Cloudy

Today was a nonstop busy day for us. We woke and hit the floor running.

First of all, we had to get the truck inspected. The nearest town is twelve miles. That would be a small town. The nearest major city is almost twenty miles away. Needless to say, we have to drive a distance to get anything we might need.

This morning we drove to the nearest major city and got the truck inspected. We stopped at the grocery store then stopped to grab a bite of lunch. Back to the fiver we went.

At home we unloaded the groceries and changed clothes and back into the truck again. We had to be at the lake headquarters office by 1 P.M.

We had our pre-work conference from 1 to 4. We were told the rules, explained the paperwork and issued our keys and uniforms. It’s official, we are now gate attendants. We start work at 6 A.M Monday morning.

We left the pre-work conference and stopped by the Wal-Mart for a few office supplies. Stopped for a quick dinner and returned back home after 7 P.M.

We are two very tired gals.

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