Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Landing Leg Foot Pads

Rockport, Texas
Saltwater Flats RV Resort
Weather Condition; High 73 Low 58, Sunny

Our time is almost over. We have been trying to take care of a few things that needed to be done before we once again hit the road.
First thing on that list of To-Do’s, replacing the foot pads of our front landing legs.

Last summer we used our plastic orange blocked under the foot pads of the landing legs. I knew better but did it anyway. The weight of the trailer and the heat of the summer made the plastic of the orange blocks soft. That caused the foot pads to bend. They were bent badly enough to cause the trailer to be a bit wobbly.
I checked with several RV supply place in this area and could not find the replacements I needed. I got online and looked around too. I ran across a site on the internet etrailers. com. They had the exact foot pads I needed. The price was great too. I paid $10.00 each and shipping was not much at all.

I order the foot pads and received them in the mail a few days later.

I had to hook the trailer up to the truck and retracted the legs. I pulled the pin holding the foot pad on the leg and dropped the old foot pad off.

I put the new ones one and replaced the pin. I lowered the legs and disconnected from the truck.

The front of the trailer is more stable now.

Our neighbors have a nice setup at their. Free fresh donuts!

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