Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out and About in Big D

A very good friend of ours agreed to drive us around downtown Dallas yesterday. The weather was warm and we spent the afternoon exploring the Big D.

This is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.
It is one of three Santiago Calatrava-designed bridges being built over the Trinity River in Dallas.  

The historic Front Door of Dallas. The Old Red Courthouse on the right.  
The courthouse was built in 1892 of red sandstone rusticated marble accents

Reunion Tower

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza 
Dealey Plaza

Chapel of Thanksgiving @ Thanks-Giving Square complex. 

 Inside the chapel, the spiral is topped with stained glass "Glory Window"

 "Eye", a 30-foot-tall sculpture by contemporary artist Tony Tasset

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  1. I have not been to downtown Dallas in years. I used to love that area with the shops, bars and restaurants.

  2. Thanks for the tour so we could see it again..We were in Dallas at least 20 years ago, and looks like they have changed a few things. Revisiting JFK's place of assassination still bring goose bumps to my skin. Dallas is a pretty city..We are going to be at an army corp park in March for a couple days and want to go into Ft. Worth...We were also there 20 or so years ago, as we have a friend who lives in Hurst. I love that historic old "cow town"...Stay warm, it's 43 degrees here in the Rio Grande Valley..YIKES!

  3. Must be something to see the JFK site with your own eyes. Did you notice anybody still hanging around on the Grassy Knoll? ;c)