Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Christmas

Lavon, Texas
Lavonia Park
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We spent Christmas evening at my brothers. It was really good spending the holiday with family.

My family is kind of difficult to explain, but I’ll give it a shot.

My mother married early (@13) at 16 she had me and was already divorced. She remarried again and had another child (Kay). That marriage didn’t last long either. At 22 mom was remarried and had another child (Brenda), that marriage lasted thirteen years. That gives me two half-sisters by my mom.

My dad remarried and had three children, Becky, Dana and Troy. That adds two more half-sisters and a half-brother. My dad died in his forties and his second wife died early as well.

I could write a book about my family!!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m proud to say I have four sisters and a brother.

My Brother,Troy and sister, Becky 

I don’t see my siblings very often. This Christmas was a rare occasion and I was able to visit with a sister and her family that I haven’t seen in about year. I’ve been lucky enough to stay in close contact with my brother and his family for the past few years.

My brother invited everyone over to his house for a wonderful feast. Everyone brought covered dishes and he cooked a ham and fried a turkey.

The food was delicious and the chance to see nieces and nephew with their children was wonderful.

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