Friday, May 22, 2009

We're Going

We’re going to do what we have planned, again and again. It’s time our journey begins.
We’re going to leave with trailer in tow, drive roadways, we really don’t know.

We’re going to start our RVing life, We’ll see the country and enjoy the sites,
We’re going simply to roam, wherever we park will be our new home.

We’re going to travel at a very slow pace, We’re not in a hurry, nor in a race .
We’re going to cross bridges over rivers and lakes, Some will be short and scenic to take.
We’re going to have maps we’ll study with care, We’ll read about places and choose to go there.
We’re going to cover most of this land, we’ll wander about without a real plan.

We’re going to the country, cities and towns, we’ll find places we might settle down.
We’re going to places, some will be grand. We’ll also find places we think are just bland.

We’re going to travel along with the season, We’re going to places without a good reason.
We’re going to places with lots of sunshine, We’ll even find places shaded by pines,

We’re going to travel roads curved and straight, some that we love, some we will hate.
We’re going to visit many places, some will be vast with wide open spaces.

We’re going to the mountains, forest and streams, We’ll going to enjoy a few of our dreams.
We’re going to festivals, markets and fairs, some will be great with none to compare.
We’re going to have neighbors that don’t care to speak, there will be others we’re happy to meet.
We’re going to find weather like storms, sun and snow, if we don’t like it, we’ll pack up and go.

We’re going to turn in as late as we choose, wake up real early or maybe just snooze.
Hooray! Today is our day. We’re off and away!
By: Denise and Dawn