Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Floor

If you remember I mentioned a while back that we were planning on removing the carpet in the fifth wheel and putting down allure flooring or something like it. Well, I am proud to announce that we now have a new floor.

We have a catering business and have been busy doing our last few catering jobs so we haven't really had the time to spend a lot of time on looking at flooring. So this past week we had some sample pieces of different styles and colors of flooring to help us with our decision. After much discussion we finally decided to go with a vinyl floor that looks like a slate.
We bought the supplies we needed and prepared to spent the weekend on our hands and knees to get the new floor in.

First thing we had to do is remove the carpet. This was a chore because the carpet was stapled to the floor along the edges. There must have been at least five staples to every inch of carpet. That was a job just getting the carpet up without getting a staple through the finger, which I did by the way!!!!

Once that was done and we began to peel back the carpet and padding you can imagine our excitement when we realized the floor was already covered with vinyl. You heard correct!

We spent a couple of hours removing all the staples. then we swept and mopped the floor. It really looks good and we saved about a hundred dollars!!!!