Friday, October 5, 2012

Dinner with New Friends

Farris, Oklahoma
McGee Creek State Park
Weather Condition; High 63 Low 56, Cloudy

The cold front blew through here this afternoon and the temperature dropped quickly. We didn’t do much of anything today. We stayed in and just lounged around.

This afternoon we received a text from our friend Sandie asking if we wanted to join her for dinner at the café in Farris.

We got off our lazy butts, took showers and drove to Baker’s Diner.

Bakers Diner is a family owned café. It’s owned by Donnie, Bonnie and Windil Baker. This café is located on Hwy 3 in Farris, Oklahoma. I first of all, I have to explain that Farris, Oklahoma is a small community. They have a gas station, Café and school district with 55 students.

We would have never found this café if it weren’t for Sandie. The café is a metal building with  “café” over the door. If you weren’t looking real hard for it, you wouldn’t find it.

They serve good home cooked food. The have the best hamburger I’ve tasted. They serve great Sunday lunch specials. The service is great and everyone is friendly. We highly recommend this café to anyone who might venture into the area.

Sandy saved us 2 seats at her table. Her table already had 6 people when we arrived. Sandy introduced us to her friends and we all enjoyed a meal, conversation and a lot of laughs.
This is blurry because I was laughing!

A couple of men from a wagon train came in for dinner while we were there. They had 2 wagons and 4 mules. They were given permission by the Baker’s to park their wagons behind the café for the night. They tied their mules and let them graze.