Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stepping Easy!

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 93 Low 71, Sunny

It’s startling to get really HOT around here. Even though we both grew up in north Texas, neither of us cares for the heat of the summer. It might be we’re just getting old!

We are still enjoying our gate attendant job but we are looking forward to returning to Rockport for the winter. We both miss south Texas.

Rockport is a sleepy little town with friendly people and we feel at home there. Today we bought my mom a plane ticket to Corpus Christi. I told her for her Christmas gift we would be flying her down to visit us in early December. She is very excited and wants to see the beach and see all the sites.

It will be fun to show her where we spend our winters.

We are almost half way through with this year’s summer gig as gate attendants and I can say it has been fun and interesting!

We sure miss Teddy and Barbara. They are the first partner gate attendants we had the pleasure of working with. They were only subbing here until the other gate attendants (Joe and Dorothy) arrived from Arizona. They didn’t get here until mid-May. The delay was due to Joe having heart surgery.    

Joe and Dorothy are nice people and have been doing this work for many years.

We have met some really nice people while doing this job. We have met people from all over the states and many from this area that frequently camp at this park.

We are looking forward to returning here next summer. 

We are busy on our four days off. This week we had doctor appointments, picked up eye glasses, grocery shopping, laundry, lunch with friends and built new steps.

That’s right, I built new steps. The indoor steps in our fiver are steep and high. There are only three steps with a rise of nine inches each. That’s tall for short legged people. The steps are only eight inches each.

To remedy this, I took some free lumber and built steps over our existing steps. I framed them up the have a six and half inch rise with ten inch steps. The framing work wasn’t very pretty but it works. Remember I’m NOT a carpenter!

We spent ten dollars on carpet which almost matches our existing carpet and twelve dollars on screws and nails.

This is the finished product.

Dawn loves them and it’s much easier to go up and down now.

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