Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doctors, Test and Vet Visits

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 85 degrees

Since we closed the park we’ve been running our butts off. We had scheduled many of our medical and eye appointments for the first part of October.

We had our eye appointment. Yes are in good shape.

But Odis had to go to the vet for an eye problem. We noticed he was not able to open one of his eyes and didn’t seem to feel well.

Vet said he had ulcer on his eye. We were told to put eye drops in his eye 4 times a day. Odis weights 18 lbs. It took everything we had to wrestle this dog down to put drops in his eye.

We tried everything. We tried sneaking up on him; He got wise to that real quick!

We tried wrapping him in a blanket while Dawn held him. He jerked his head around so much that he got eye drops in his ear, mouth and Dawn even got it in her mouth!

We went back to vet and got a good report. But were told to continue the drops for another week!

He’s feeling much better now.  

We bought a new sofa sleeper. It sleeps well and fits great in our fiver.

Blood work, Well that could use a little work! Dawn needs to make a few changes to get those results to come out better.

Meanwhile, I had a lump develop just under the jaw line. I thought I might have an abscessed tooth, so I made an appointment to see the dentist.

After many x-rays, the dentist said nope. He sent me to my doctor.

A few days later, I was seen by my doctor who sent me for a CT scan with contrast and blood work. I was referred to an ENT.

A few days later we saw the ENT. He looked at the lump and said it appears to be the size of a walnut and that I will need to get an ultrasound guided biopsy done before having it removed.

The doctor was more concerned with my gravelly voice. He told me he wanted to look at my vocal cords.

He sprayed numbing solution into my nose and a few minutes later he shoved a tube into my nose and down my throat.

He said one side of my vocal cords was rough instead of smooth. He said I needed a biopsy on it and could have laser done on it to smooth it back out.

They scheduled the biopsy for tomorrow morning. I have an appointment for Nov 3rd to find out my results.

Now we wait!

During all these doctor appointments, I revamped our pantry. Our pantry is narrow and deep. Things get shoved to the back and they are never seen again. Costco had these great pantry drawer organizers and we decided to install 3 of them so we could see everything in the pantry.

First step, we had to clean everything out of the pantry. We threw away 2 kitchen garbage bags full of expired food.

I installed the drawers and Dawn couldn't be any happier. 

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