Friday, July 10, 2015

July 4th Mayhem

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 83 degrees

I haven’t posted anything lately because not a whole lot has happened.

Due to the flooding most of our park closed. All the boat ramps have been closed too.

The camping in this park is to a minimum. We normally have 38 camp sites, but due to the flooding they were forced to close all but 12.
Dawn and I worked the July 4th weekend. We expected things would be slow since people couldn’t get to the lake.

The Lake Manager decided to open our picnic area on Friday, July 3rd. Our park would have the only picnic area open on this lake! We only had 30 out of 45 picnic tables above water.

We were instructed to allow only thirty cars into the picnic area. Those thirty cars were allowed to leave and reenter the park as many times as they wished.

At 6:15 A.M on Saturday, July 4th people were pulling up to the gatehouse ready to use the picnic area.

By noon we had literally hundreds of people in our picnic area. Remember we only had thirty picnic tables available!

The hundreds of people were brought in by those thirty cars that had passes to enter the park.

People were parking along the road to the park entrance and some even parked over a mile away at a Dollar General.

The cars with the thirty passes were shuttling people into the park over and over. I know that one car came into the park at least two dozen times. With each re-entry there were four to six people in the car.

At 8:30 A.M I made my required rounds in the park and was stopped and cussed at because the grass was tall. The grass in the picnic area was knee high.

A minute later, I was stopped by another man and cussed at because the restrooms were filthy. 

Really people, grown men cussing someone out in public!!!!!

Later in the day, Dawn fell in the parking lot while trying to direct traffic. This wouldn’t have happened if grown adults could park without mowing down signs and blocking traffic.

She fell on her elbow and busted it up good.

One of the volunteers here at our park is a fire fighter. He was able to perform some paramedic moves to get her elbow cleaned and bandaged.

We turned away at least fifty cars because we had already sold the thirty passes. Those people were not happy!

Thank goodness we had the Park Rangers keeping a close watch on this park.

Around 5:00 P.M three young girls knocked on the gatehouse window and asked us to call an ambulance. They said their seven year old cousin had hurt himself.

We made the call and a few minutes later an ambulance, fire truck and police were in the park. Thankfully, the emergency was not life threatening.

Our picnic area closes at sunset. By that time, most of the picnic area was empty. The Park Rangers came by and ran the remaining people out.

We thought the day would never end!!!!!!!

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