Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cruzin2some's Life in Rockport

Time sure gets away from you when you’re having FUN!

We’ve been doing some more exploring around Lamar, Texas and we drive through Goose Island SP.

We like to drive over to Lamar and look for the Whooping Cranes. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don’t.

We did see the pelicans gathered at the fish cleaning station at Goose Island SP. The white pelicans mind their manners while the gray pelicans get right up close to the fishermen cleaning their catch.

The weather here has been cool and overcast for a few days then the sun comes out and it warms up nicely.

On the days it’s cool out we drive around and explore so that I can shoot pictures. Don’t know how much fun that is for Dawn. I guess she doesn’t mind as long as we stop by Sonic for a coke. She needs a Sonic coke fix on occasion.

I’ve shot a lot of pictures of birds from the sofa looking out the rear window of the fiver.

Here are a couple of examples of sofa shots.

We had friends, Bud and Bette over for burgers on the grill. We love spending time with our Bud and Bette.

Dawn and I went with twenty other ladies from our park to a luncheon last week. That was a lot of FUN too. We kind of went in and took over the place. I bet they think twice before sitting us in the middle of their restaurant again!

 Dawn and I planted a couple of trees on our site. We found these two Cleveland Pear trees on the clearance isle and that were almost dead. We bought because we hate to see plants dying because no one will give them water.

Anyway, we bought them and planted them on our site and watered them. If they die it’s not because we didn’t try.

We had friends Karen and Vicki over for Sunday lunch this week.

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