Friday, October 7, 2016

Odis is at Home Recovering

Rockport, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 89 degrees

Monday morning started off terrible. We noticed Odis was not his usual self. He was lethargic and wasn’t interested in eating. When he isn’t in eating, there’s something wrong.

We tried feeding him treats and he wasn’t interested in those either.

We’ve never used a veterinary here in Rockport. Now we got to find one fast.

We loaded him up in the truck and took him to Bay Breeze Animal Clinic. There we met with a very friendly staff.

We explained our concerns about Odis and within a few minutes we were put in an examining room to wait for the doctor.

Our experience with the vet, Dr. Ashley Dierschke was a very good one. She ordered blood and an X-ray.

We waited for what seemed forever as our little Odis laid there feeling so sick.

Finally, the results came in. Odis was in critical condition and the results showed his electrolytes were very low and his sodium was off the charts high.

The doctor said we would need to hospitalize Odis and let them see if they could get his labs back in line.

Odis has never stayed a single night away from home alone. The doctor went on to explain that if he was not hospitalized he would probably die.

She said he would more than likely be hospitalized all week. We handed him over to the doctor and came straight home.

We were just sick with worry. He had been fine on Saturday. Sunday he started to believe a little funny. Monday he was very sick.

Monday afternoon we received a phone call from Dr. Kimberly Harrell. She said after more testing she had concluded that Odis has Addison’s disease. She explained that it’s not curable but it is treatable. She said she would be treating him accordingly and would keep us posted on his progress.

We immediately got of the computer and googled Addison’s disease. We have educated ourselves on how to help our little Odis.

Tuesday afternoon we received a call from the vet informing us that Odis had responded so well to his first treatment that he could go home.

 We were ecstatic! We couldn’t wait to pick him up.

He looked so much better when they carried him out to us. He’s not hundred percent yet but, he could tell by just looking at him that he was feeling better.

He has to have Prednisolone daily for the rest of his life. He must have regular labs done to check his levels.  

By Friday afternoon he was back to his old self. 

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