Thursday, December 16, 2010

We are Pumped!

The weather here has been cold and windy one day and warm and windy the next. Yesterday was a warm windy day. We seem to get more done on those days. Last night we made another dumpster visit with a truck load of trash. I never realized how trashy we were!

On the way home from our dumpster visit Dawn made the remark that no one seems to notice how much we’ve done around the house. A few people have made comments about how bare it’s looking but I don’t think it has really sunk in. We talked about the possibility that maybe no one believes that we’re really going to become fulltimers. My mother knows that we are serious but I think she is the only one. She is excited for us and looks forward to coming to visit us when we are staying in interesting places that she wants to visit.

I think part of the problem is that other people can’t phantom the idea of living in an RV and staying wherever you want. They can’t wrap their heads around the notion of NOT being tied down to a job, house and other obligations.

Let’s face it, most people live in a mental rut of how life should be lived and can’t think outside the box. We’re conditioned as children that we must reside in a stationary house and working long hours at an understaffed company in order to earn a good living. Because of that mind set we spend our earnings on a lot of material things that are suppose to make us happy. The more money we make the more money we spend. It is a crazy!

We then become so attached to our material possessions that we feel we can’t live without them or feel trapped because we have invested so much just acquiring them. It is an endless cycle.

Dawn and I are fortunate enough that we are both on the same page and agreed that we can do without all the material possessions. We want to get out there and live our lives.

There is so much we want to do and see. We’re not going to let any material possessions keep us from moving forward and doing what we both enjoy doing. EXPLORING.

We’re looking forward to visiting all the interesting places our fellow RV friends have visited. We want to visit the east and the west coasts. We want to live along the oceans. We want to eat fresh seafood and relax on the beach. We also want to see everything that lays between those oceans.

We’re pumped!

We could be packed up and out of here tomorrow with little effort. We just need to sell the house.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise


  1. Sounds like you both have made very good progress. Be glad you mom likes the idea of your upcoming lifestyle. My MIL secretly believes we are trailer trash. Sure hope you get the house sold so you can go exploring!

  2. I like the way you think. We have told the kids but not the rest of the family we don't want to hear it..

  3. Congratulations on progressing so quickly. You are so right that we are all programmed on how society thinks we should live, but think how boring it would be if we were all the same? If there were no dissenters, no rebels, no one willing to buck the trend, we'd all be like little robots. It's not an easy process, but it is so liberating to get rid of stuff. And once you're full-timing, it doesn't stop. It feels like we are frequently catching ourselves when we talk about buying we really NEED it? where would we store it? can we find something else to do the same job? But it is so worth it! Keep up the good work!

  4. Way to go!!!!!!!!!! Life is for the living...

  5. Ignore others. "Hit the Road Jack..." and stay pumped! It's a great life out here. :)

  6. Sounds like you're on the right path for sure. It's always interesting to me to read everyone's views on RV'ing and lifestyle. Everyone is different and has their own priorities.

    In our case, we are both retired and love that. We don't feel any pressure or stress from still having our own stix n brix home, in fact, we enjoy that as much as RV'ing.

    Right now, we are able to go RV'ing whenever, and wherever, we feel and then return home to enjoy our home and, yes, all the material possessions, I guess. It works great for us.

  7. we are the same page... sell the house, retire, haul butt and live...

  8. You have a great outlook on traveling. Keep it, we need more people out here like you two.

  9. Very well said. That is the way Kevin and I feel. We know a lot of people that can't understand why we would want to live in an RV, we have others who think it's great for us to do this, but it's not something they could do. We then have other people that say, oh you must have lots of money, which we don't.

    We got out of the rut, and decided like you that we don't need all these material possessions or money to be happy. We would rather have just enough money to live the way we live and be happy and see the world.

    Live life simple and love it!

    Ruth and Kevin

  10. Wow!!! what u said about thinking you have to live a certain way and can't think outside the box, really hit me!! Have been thinking alot about if this is really what i want to do, BUT am thinking inside the box and how everyone is expected to live. Thank you, i have to think outside the box.. I am out there, just have to stay there, think about what i REALLY want :)

  11. Great attitude. Keep it up & don't lose site of your goal. How fortunate for you that you are both on the same page. That for sure is a total bonus:))

  12. Trash IT! Trash IT! Trash IT!

    Good work!

  13. I am all in favor of you doing this great thing! I am not quite ready to full time at this point but have started eliminating 'stuff' from the house. Even if I keep the 'stix and brix' a while longer, I need to get rid of the 'things' we tend to keep and don't need.

  14. Good Luck on selling your house quickly. Then, the fun, exciting adventures begin! The rv lifestyle is the best.

  15. I just got your note and I think your plan is amazing and inspiring. We all have the nomadic gene and I say embrace it! Doug worried about you being 2 woman alone, when Drew piped in "if I was in a bar fight I would want Dawn on my side"
    Cousin Lynn