Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Christmas Tree

I’m still trying to get use to these short days. I’m able to stay awake until about eight-thirty now! I’m trying to stay busy when I get home in the afternoons. That means we have packing up more boxes. It’s really starting to look pretty bare around the house.

A few comments were made regarding the new table we have. We are down-sizing but we aren’t getting rid of everything. We’re planning on storing a few pieces of furniture that we just can’t part with right now. The table will be one of those pieces. We are very serious about getting rid of a lot of our things. If you could have seen all that we HAD compared to what we have now, you would see just serious we are.

We want to hang on to some of the things that are really special to us so if and when we find someplace we want to settle into permanently we will have our special things to use again.

We are now using one small corner of our large RV garage to store the things we want to keep. It is so nice to have that building almost completely cleaned out. Wow, that is one major feat!! We will never again accumulate that much JUNK.

We went all out and bought a new Christmas tree. Kohl’s was having a sale last weekend. They had a cute little four foot pre-lit tree for $39.99. Wait, It was on sale for $15.99. Wait we had a $10.00 off coupon. That made it $5.99. Wait, we also had a 15% off and that took care of the tax. We ended up paying $5.49 for our new RV Christmas tree!!! What a deal!

This little tree is small enough to fit nicely into our fifth wheel.  It's four feet tall and about two foot around at the bottom.