Monday, December 6, 2010

From Trash to Treasure

Dawn and I both love old well worn things. We have an old buffet hutch in our kitchen that was inches away from being sent to the garbage. It is an old piece of furnture with the paint peeling off but we love it. We love things with character.

Dawn's father made a wooden tool box when he was young. It measures some where around two foot wide by one foot deep by two feet tall. We brought it in and cleaned it up. We painted the box black and left the drawers the natural wood color. It has many small drawers on it.

We bought four table legs to mount to the bottum and it is now our mail organizer table.
We recently saved some old sewing machine legs from a trip to the dump. A friend of ours had put them out for the garbage man to collect. We threw them in the back of the truck and took them home. 

We need some one to weld a support to the legs in order to hold a piece of wood, so we could make a table out of it. I took them to work and asked about getting them welded up. The welder told me they were cast iron and it would cause them to become brittle if they were welded. Too bad.

A good friend that is a plumber said he could fix it right up for us. He asked what our plans for the legs were. I explained that we thought it would make a nice table or desk. That we were going to paint the legs black and put a piece of wood on the top. He told us we would need to take it home and work on it for a few days.

A few days later he bought the legs back and this is what it looks like now.

He not only added a support for the two legs but he also painted it and added a beautiful piece of wood to the top. We just love it.