Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Day

This morning we realized we almost had the in the park to ourselves. There is only one class C here. We sat outside and watched the deer graze under the oak trees. We saw a doe and her very young baby run through the park.

Dawn drove us into Braggs to pick up our mail. We have a wonderful friend that sends us our mail about once a month.

We also went into Muskogee to K-Mart to pick up a 6’ ladder (Cosco) I noticed the other day and didn’t buy. This ladder is way too cool. It is lite weight, has a carrying handle, a paper towel holder and it has a large step at the top. Our current ladder wasn’t tall enough to allow me to blow off the top of the slide-outs. I didn’t want a heavy ladder that I would have to man handle in order to use it. I wanted something lite weight enough that I could handle by myself. This is the one! It was a good price too, $49.99. That’s lite on the wallet too.

On the way back to the state park we stopped off at a produce stand. We bought a green tomato, new potatoes, okra and squash. I can’t wait for dinner!!!
We hope we can find fresh produce stands at our next stop.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. That looks like a very nice ladder. We have one of those heavy ones that does 100 things but it only gets used by Rick. I can barely lift it. Actually, that's ok. He gets to do all things that require a ladder :)

  2. Nothing like fresh produce for dinner, or anytime! I like that ladder, good find!

  3. I like the ladder, looks nice and stable. Just went to a farmer's market here and the produce is so wonderful right now.

  4. Fresh veggies like that sure are good! That is a nice looking ladder. Don't do too much work with it though.

  5. I.M. happy to see that y'all are movin' up higher and higher all the time. At the rate y'all is a goin', it looks like as not there's gonna be a extension ladder in yer future.

  6. "We also went into Muskogee to K-Mart to pick up a 6’ ladder (Cosco) I noticed the other day and didn’t buy."

    Hey, I'm needing a ladder just like that. You got it at K-Mart or Cosco ??? I confuse easily !! LOL