Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Day

This morning we realized we almost had the in the park to ourselves. There is only one class C here. We sat outside and watched the deer graze under the oak trees. We saw a doe and her very young baby run through the park.

Dawn drove us into Braggs to pick up our mail. We have a wonderful friend that sends us our mail about once a month.

We also went into Muskogee to K-Mart to pick up a 6’ ladder (Cosco) I noticed the other day and didn’t buy. This ladder is way too cool. It is lite weight, has a carrying handle, a paper towel holder and it has a large step at the top. Our current ladder wasn’t tall enough to allow me to blow off the top of the slide-outs. I didn’t want a heavy ladder that I would have to man handle in order to use it. I wanted something lite weight enough that I could handle by myself. This is the one! It was a good price too, $49.99. That’s lite on the wallet too.

On the way back to the state park we stopped off at a produce stand. We bought a green tomato, new potatoes, okra and squash. I can’t wait for dinner!!!
We hope we can find fresh produce stands at our next stop.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise