Monday, July 11, 2011

Still at Green Leaf State Park

We are in our third site here at Green Leaf SP.

We had to move the first time due to a Good Sams - Redbird rally. We moved again yesterday to another site that had some shade. It is HOT here and we are planning on staying here until the 20th. We might be heading to OK City from here. Have we mentioned how much we love this state park? It has lots of mature oak trees. The sites are level and it is peaceful.

Good stuff on  the grill
We do have difficultly getting a Verizon signal here. It maybe due to all the trees. This park sits atop a large hill and has a small lake. The pool is nice and we have dipped our hot bodies in the water a few times.
Deer in the campground
Turkeys grazing at our campsite

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise