Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still In Texas

We are still baking in north Texas. It is so very HOT here. It just seems we can't get away from this blazing HEAT.

We are currently staying at a COE park at Lake Lavon. These parks at Lake Lavon leave a  lot to be desired. Only few of the site have 50 AMP. There are NO sewer  hook up. There are very few trees and the trees that do exist aren't large enough to produce any real shade.  They mow maybe twice a year and that isn't near often enough.

There is a small hint of green in the grass. This heat has killed almost everything that should be green right now.

We will be staying at least another week or so here.


  1. Go down to the coast, you may get some breeze off of the gulf. And you can cool off in the water.

  2. I'm sorry its so hot and miserable. Hopefully soon you'll be able to go to a nice shady green campground.

  3. I enjoyed my time a few years back at Lake Levon. Of course it was in early May, I only had a 30 amp rig, and since I only stayed two nights or so the dump was good enough for me. :)

  4. Canyon Lake, Potter's Creek...if you can get up in the Live Oaks it's a beautiful spot....even if ya can't it nice big sites....and a lake to look at! Make sure you stay hydrated..I've got the Rum if you have the Coke...:-)

  5. We are right there with you sister. We are in Garden City, West Texas and it is roasting. Not a good time to live in a metal box in TX. We got to plan better next year:)

  6. Yea, we hear from relatives how oppressive it is out there with no rain in sight.

    We leave a PA state park today to go to a COE park in northern PA. Sure hope the site is an improvement to what you are experiencing.