Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's A Girl!

That's right, we now have a little girl. Not that we were looking to expand the family, but things happen!

This is Abby.

She was left in a carrier outside a closed animal shelter. She was just abandon. How could anyone just leave a dog out in the heat (at least 100 degrees), alone like that? Anyway, A friend called and asked if we could please take her. She is as cute as cute can be! Our vet tells us she approximately 3 years old and is heart worm negative. She was however, covered in fleas and had lost a good bit of hair on her back from the constant scratching. We made sure she got all her shots and have taken care of the flea problem. She was given a good bath and she looks great. She wieghs about 10 lbs. and loves to eat. She is a Shih Tzu mix. She doesn't mind car rides. We think she will be a great little camper!

She has made herself right at home! The boys don't seem to mind having her around. She really wants to be alpha dog but We don't think Mr. Willey is going to let that happen. She and Otis have become fast friends.

Abby & Otis