Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorting through the stuff

We spent our weekend sorting through our catering room. Yes, we have one room stuffed to the gills with catering supplies. We are not the type to do anything half way. In the past five years we have collected enough stuff to fill a 12x14 room with two closets full of stuff. We have 100 plates, 100 bowls, 100 salad plates, 100 dessert cups and silverware for over 100. We have chafing dishes, serving trays, platters, punch bowls, pots and pans. We discovered things this weekend we didn’t even remember buying! We must have really needed it! This room alone will be one huge garage sale.

We aren’t getting rid of all of it. So we are going through and deciding what we think we might want to keep. It really will be nice to have a three bedroom house again!

Mean while we have a living room and dining room that is a total disaster! The garage looks even worse!

It will take time but we are slowly getting it done. Rome wasn’t built in a day!