Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 8 Post Chemo

This was not a good day for Mom. She woke up early this morning with back and leg spasms. She said as the day went on they got worse. She could not get comfortable. I usually talk to Mom twice sometimes three times a day. When I talked with her yesterday morning she told me about the spasms. I told her if she needed me or if the spasms got worse to call me.

I was busy at the office and didn't call her back until around three-thirty on my way home from work. She said she was exhausted from this spasms and it was a lot worse. I told her I was calling the doctor and would call her back.

The doctor said she was experiencing the pain due to the shot of Neulasta she was given. Neulasta is given the day after chemo to decrease the chance of infection due to the low blood count. He said she should take a pain pill and that should help.

I called her back and told her to take the pain pill. She doesn't like taking pain medication because it kicks her butt. She said she had taken an Ibuprofen and didn't want to add a pain pill to the mix. I asked her why she didn't call me earlier about the pain and she said she didn't want to drive us crazy. I explained that she wasn't driving us crazy. What dose drive us crazy is her waiting for things to get out of hand before she tells us and we have to scramble around and make phone calls in order to get her some relief. She is so afraid to burden us. We do not see this as a burden at all. We know she would do the same for us. We want what is best for her because we love her. I truely know where my stubborness comes from!!!