Thursday, October 15, 2009

Port-a-Cath Surgery

Mom had to have surgery again today to have a port put in place for the chemo that is scheduled to begin on Monday. It was a quick procedure that only took about forty-five minutes. But the process of having it done started the day before. She had to have blood work, Couldn't eat or drink after mid-night. The next morning arrive at the hospital at nine-thirty. Once at the hospital she had to check in, pay her deductible and wait to be called.

When she was called, She had to go through the normal protocol of having IV, blood pressure, temperature and then wait for her turn in surgery.

The surgery was quick and she was wide awake in recovery when we went to see her.

She discharged about thirty minutes after surgery. She was very sleepy but that was from the Phenergan (anti nausea drug) that she was given to keep her from getting car sick on the way home.

She was a little loopy! We got her home, ate some lunch and she went to bed and crashed until the following morning.

She has been a real trooper. She dosesn't complain and still has a good sense of humor.