Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Garage Sale!!!

We had another garage sale on Saturday. We sold a little bit of STUFF. We sold enough STUFF that we were able to do some restocking. We have now added two set of dishes to be sold. That doesn’t sound like much but you would have to know that these two sets both have about twenty plates, twenty saucers, twenty cups, twenty bowls and many different size serving bowls and platters. That my friend is a LOT of dishes.

We didn’t realize that it was going to be so hot and humid. It didn’t matter. We still have to get rid of this STUFF. Once again we had return customers. We have made a lot of new friends by having the garage sale. We have regular customers that will just stop by just to visit when they see the signs out. Sometimes they return with family members. We have had people stop by the house during the week after work to ask if we still have a certain item or to ask for the money back because a two dollar lamp doesn’t work. By the way, the lamp did work. They just didn’t have the bulb screwed in all the way!

We are starting to see a dent in the stack of boxes we have in storage!!!!!!!

We are planning to have another sale this weekend even though it is Memorial day weekend. We just hope we have good weather.

Sunday we ran errands and made homemade ice cream!