Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mental Rut

We are sooo looking forward to selling the house and hitting the road. We just have sooooo much to do and it seems like we will never get finished with this long “To Do” list. I do know that “good things come to those who wait”. But I am getting impatient.

I have been doing a little each night when I get home from work but it just seems like it is going so slow. We both really want to get this done but it seems like there is always some kind of obstacle in our way. I am starting to regain my energy now that the bells palsy is clearing up. But I feel like we have lost precious time. I have somehow got into a mental rut and I really need to get back into the groove of things.

Dawn has been going thru boxes full of old pictures and cards. Going thru the pictures is very time consuming. She is putting aside all the pictures she wants me to scan and throwing out the rest. I have shredded a lot of old papers and still have more to go.

We were planning another garage sale this weekend but it looks like we may have more storms. We will have to wait and see. I guess if it rains we will have more time to go thru more boxes!

On a more positive note, I heard on the news that the housing market in our area is picking up again.