Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Day, Another Dollar!

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 104 Low 80, Sunny

We’ve been spending our off days with friends and family. That is definitely one of the perks of being so close to home this summer. We have friends that drop by for visits. My brother also stops by every now and again.  We sometimes meet friends for dinner or lunch. It’s been great catching up with them while we’ve been here.

The local people in this area are very nice. They stop by and give us fresh fish that has been cleaned and bagged, ready for freezing. One man comes by on a regular basis and brings us produce from his garden, another brings us his extra newspaper. We’ve had people invite us to their campsites for dinner.

Yesterday a local couple that camp here on a regular basis stopped by and gave us popsicles.

We look forward to coming back next summer.

It’s been kind of slow here because both our boat ramps have closed due to low water levels. The entire lake only has a few boat ramps open. It’s getting bad.

If we don’t get some decent rain here, the lake is going to dry up.

The Labor Day weekend was busy. All the campsites were reserved. There were however, many that didn’t show. People didn’t come out because it was too hot and the boat ramps were closed.

Oh, and we are under a burn ban too. We NEED rain!!

We did have one incident last week that was funny;

Last week an older gentleman came to the gate house and paid his $4.00 day use fee and said he was going to do some fishing. We gave him a day use pass and let him in the park. A short time later Deputy Dawg (Dawn) was doing her morning rounds when she noticed a truck parked down on the water’s edge. This is a No, NO. There are signs posted that read; No Driving on Grass.

She approached the man and told him politely that he couldn’t drive his truck to the water’s edge and that a park ranger would write him a ticket for that. He begins to complain to her that he has difficulty walking and there wasn’t any place for him to fish. He told her he wanted his $4.00 back. He told her it was ridiculous that he couldn’t park at the water’s edge. He was ranting and raving so Deputy Dawg turned and walked off.

Well, needless to say, he was pretty upset when he arrived back at the gate house. He got out of his truck and marched over to the window, yelling about how he was run out of the fishing area and wanted his money back.

I politely explained to the gentleman that his money had been receipted and that I could not give him a refund. He shook his figure in my face and told me that he hoped I liked my job because he was about to have it.

I asked if he wanted the phone number for our headquarters and he told me he didn’t want to bother me with that. He was going to look it up himself.

He marched back to his truck and told me I was a DUMBASS as he drove off.

I didn’t get the chance to tell him that I’ve been called worse in better places then this!!!

This was before 7:30 A.M. We hoped this wouldn’t be an indicator of what kind of day it was going to be!!!!!

Luckily, the day ended up being pretty pleasant. 

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