Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Strange Night

Princeton, Texas
Clear Lake Park
Weather Condition; High 94 Low 76, Cloudy

Things have been kinda hectic around here this past week. I’m not able to go into details about that right now but, I’ll explain as soon as we know for sure what’s going on.

We had another one of those strange encounters last week.

It was about 9:00 P.M. Dawn and I was on duty in the gate house, watching T.V. Someone walked up and knocked on the window. Dawn nearly jumped out of her chair. We both looked up and saw a woman standing at the window. Dawn opened the window and said hello.

The woman said hello, she asked what it cost to enter the park.

Dawn told her the day use area closed at sunset.

The woman said she really wanted to go swimming and could pay the $4.00 fee.

Dawn told her she was sorry but the park was closed and we couldn’t let her in.

The woman said she had walked all the way from Hedgecox to go swimming.

It was very warm out, so Dawn offered her bottled water.

The woman said she would love bottled water.

I took the bottle water out of the fridge and handed it to Dawn. This was my first close up look at the woman. She was a nice looking woman that looked to be in her mid to late 40’s. She was wearing a nice dress, beaded necklace, earrings and had her hair pinned up. She was carrying a ladies wallet

Dawn gave her the bottled water.

The woman took the water and walked back towards the road. I watched her out the window. She stopped when she got about twenty feet from the building. She looked up to the sky for a few seconds. She then took the lid off her water and poured some of it over her head.

I decided I needed to call a park ranger. I continued to watch this woman as I talked to the ranger on the phone. He told me it would be best to call the sheriff.

I then watched the woman pour water down the front of her dress.

I looked away for a second so I could hang up my phone. When I looked back out the window, the woman was gone. Gone!

Dawn asked me where she went. I told her I didn’t know, she just disappeared!

Dawn got in the truck and drove over to the trailer to get our spotlight.

She also shined the headlights down the only road in and out of the park and there was nothing.

I continued to watch out the window when I noticed a bright light on top of a telephone pole at the park entrance.

I told Dawn there was a strange light at the top of the pole. She looked out the window. Again, the top of the pole lit up and then went away again.

I went outside with the spotlight and shined the light up on the pole and show nothing.

OMG! Are we going crazy?!

The following morning we called the electric company and ordered a driveway senor alarm.

Stay Tune for Updates!!!    

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