Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friends Visit and Emergency on the Lake

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Overcast, 81 degrees

We had a very BUSY day here yesterday.

First thing yesterday morning we had a Search & Rescue K-9 group of about a dozen show up to preform drills with their dogs.

This cool weather has brought many people out for tent camping. The park was more than half full this weekend.

We had friends stop by for a visit. It’s always great to have friends visit! Betty and Sue have just recently become full-timers and they seem to really be enjoying it.

In the late evening Dawn was making her rounds through the park when she noticed one of the RVers was having a cookout. She noticed that many cars were parked along the narrow road making it almost impossible for her to drive a dually truck down the road.

She stopped by and asked that the cars be moved off the road. She explained that parking was available at the restrooms. She explained that emergency vehicles could not get through the area if needed.

His guest started the car shuffle before Dawn left.

Before Dawn returned to the gatehouse, I saw emergency lights approaching the park. I opened the gate and let the truck enter. The truck was pulling a doubledecker boat trailer carrying a hovercraft and a regular boat.

The timing couldn’t been any better. They drove through the area that Dawn had just cleared.

A few moments later a large fire truck showed up.

A second emergency truck (Incident Commander) arrived from across the damn and was at the gate trying to get it unlocked. Dawn ran over with our keys and unlocked the gate for him.

He thanked Dawn for unlocking the gate and told her that the call was for stranded boat on the lake.

All the emergency vehicles drove to the closed boat ramp. A few moments later we heard the boat taking off across the water. The sun was starting to sit.

About an hour later, the Incident Commander stopped by the gatehouse to inform us that they had rescued the boater and pulled his boat to the shore near the boat ramp. He was driving the boat owner to his truck and let us know he would be returning to collect his boat.

Twenty minutes later a truck pulled up to the gatehouse, the driver announced they were the people that had been rescued and that he was there to collect his boat. As I opened the gate to let him in, I noticed he had a couple of children with him.

WOW! So glad they were able to rescue them before it got too dark out. Thanks Wylie Fire Department.

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