Friday, September 26, 2014

Gate Arm Gone!

Lavon, Texas
Weather Conditions; Sunny, 86 degrees

We’re back at work.

We made it back to our park on Tuesday afternoon and back to work as gate attendants on Wednesday morning.

The park closes on October 1st for road repairs and Dawn and I will become park volunteers until April 1st.

It will be nice to sleep in for 6 months!

The park is almost totally booked for the weekend. The cool weather is bringing out the campers.

Today the contract mowing crew came in to mow. So glad they arrived. People don’t want to camp in knee deep weeds. I know I don’t.

When the grass is tall, people complain to us and we have absolutely no control over the mowing schedule. If we did, it would be mowed at least every 2 weeks instead of every 6 weeks!

Our excitement over the arrival of the mowing contractor quickly faded when one of the mowers roll-bar knocked our gate arm down! Ugh!

Now we have to depend on people entering the park to obey the stop sign mounted on the front of our building.

Thank goodness it’s our last weekend for 6 months!!!!!!! 

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