Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gate Arm Broke Again!

Since Dawn and I have been gate attendants at Lavonia Park we’ve had several issues with the electric gate arm. I've listed a few problems we've experienced.

In early May during an electrical storm while Dawn and I were on duty the gate arm stopped working and was stuck in the down position. We opened the metal gate on the exit side of the gate house to allow people to enter the park. I called the ranger and reported the broken gate. The rangers arrived approximately half hour later. One of the rangers stood out in the rain and worked on it. He was able to fix it for us. Thanks Mr. Ranger

Mid-day on a Saturday in June, Saturdays are busy here, the gate arm swung backwards and stopped working. We called maintenance and he arrived several hours later and repaired it.

In early July a camper checked in and as he pulled his 40 foot toy hauler through the entrance he pulled too far over to the left and the ladder on the side of his RV hit the gate arm. This damaged his RV ladder and loosened the gate arm pedestal base. Afterwards the gate continued to work but would bounce each time it was opened or closed. We noticed that each time it closed it would drop lower towards the ground. We reported it the following day. No one responded.

While the other gate attendant was on duty the gate arm again swung backwards and stopped. It hasn't been working since.

The maintenance man tried to repair it but was unsuccessful. He did tighten the bolts on the base of it so it wasn't rocking in the wind.

A repair company was called. They looked at it and said the circuit board was bad.

Now the butt of it sticks out and a few boats have almost caught that.

It is now late August and next weekend is Labor Day and our gate is still broken!!!

Most of the time people will stop at the window and pay the fee but we do have people that drive in without stopping because they don't want to pay.

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