Sunday, August 30, 2015

Local Bullies

We’ve made a lot of new friends and have dealt with our share of rude people. We’ve also encountered a couple of neighborhood bullies.

That’s right, adult neighborhood bullies. These people seem to think they own this park.

One of these local bullies regularly comes into the park and doesn’t abide by any of the rules. 

We inform and remind everyone coming into the park about the rules.

This particular guy is constantly telling us that he has called the lake manager because of the rules in the park. He has repeatedly told us he grew up on the lake and the rules don’t apply.

He got upset because I told his children they were not allowed to swim at the boat ramp. There are signs posted stating no swimming or wadding.

He said he called the lake manager about it.

The courtesy dock has signs posted stating for loading and unloading of boats.

He said that was the safest place for his kids to swim. WHAT?! Who would want their kids swimming around a busy boat ramp and courtesy dock?!  The neighborhood bully.

This guy has an annual pass. The annual pass is $30.00 and allows the owner to have access to the boat ramp and day use area at no additional charge for one year.

This guy and his family like to go into the camping area. There are signs posted stating the area is for registered campers.

But that doesn’t apply to him!!!!!

I think it’s just all kinds of awesome that he’s teaching his children that posted signs and rules don’t apply to them.

The other bully we deal with also thinks rules don’t apply to him or his family. He is also an annual pass holder.

His sons come into the park to kayak. The day use area closes at sunset. They don’t bother to get off the water until after dark. This bully is a former Army guy and he said these rules are ridiculous.

The road over the damn on this lake has been closed for years. There are double gates at both ends of the damn. There are several signs mounted on the gates stating Restricted Area, US Army Property, No Trespassing.

This bully has been told several times to stay off the damn while jogging or cycling. He’s been instructed to stay out of restricted areas.

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