Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fellow RVing Blogs

We love reading our fellow RVers blogs. Blogs written by people living the Fulltime RVing lifestyle or those like us that are in the process of beginning the lifestyle. Each and everyday we read the blogs on our blog list. We discuss the new blog postings of the day. We feel as if we know the blog owners personally. We read about their adventures and mishaps. We discuss the places our blog friends are staying and the sight they are seeing. We look at the pictures posted and imagine ourselves there. We are looking forward to the day we are out there writing our own post and posting our pictures of the great sights we are enjoying.

We have learned a lot from our follow RVing blog friends. We have learned about the trails and tribulations of the RVing lifestyle. We have learned about technical and mechanical issues, about the good, bad and the ugly of workamping, about places to visit and places to avoid.

We have followed as our fellow RVing blog friends travel, visits with friends and family, have surgeries, suffer loses, experience technical and mechanical difficulties, celebrate births, severe weather, birthdays, weddings and graduations.

We have been touched by the kindness of our fellow RVers. We have been touched by the willingness to give helpful advise, to share a kind word and to cheer us on.

We are thrilled to have so many great fellow RVing blog friends.