Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Future Workampers

I don't mind working. I have had many different jobs since I was fifteen years old. I started my job with the City when I was twenty-five and that is why I was able to retire with twenty years of service at age forty-five. I've worn many hats as far as jobs are concerned over the years. I have been a nanny, cashier, concession manager, file clerk, mail sorter, answering service operator, school bus driver, water meter reader, dispatcher, receptionist, permit clerk, B&B owner and operator, planning coordinator and caterer.  I am currently manage the office for a friend who owns a plumbing company.

Dawn too has a lot of work experiences since college (degree in recreational management). She has been a cashier, teaching assistant, water meter reader, recreation manager, pool manager, B&B owner and operator, caterer and served on city council. 

We look forward to working in different surroundings and doing different things while meeting new people. Our plans for full timing will also include some workamping and we look forward to the opportunities.