Monday, October 4, 2010

Lots of STUFF Still

We had another garage sale this weekend. The weather was beautiful and we didn’t mind being outside. Our sale didn’t do very good this weekend. It might be because October is Texas State Fair Month here and this weekend was also First Monday Trades day in Canton. We know people would rather be at the Fair or Trades Day. We made about a hundred dollars and got rid of a few things. When I told a friend, It wasn't worth all the work we did dragging the STUFF out for the sale. She pointed out that we did manage to get rid of a few things and that was better than getting rid of nothing. That did make me feel better.  

Oh well, it wasn't a total waste, we had a few friends stopped by and visited with us most of the day and we all enjoyed the nice weather.

We did work in the RV garage and made some more progress. This is the RV garage.

This is the mess the RV garage is in now. It looks bad right now but believe me when I say it was a lot worse. We had STUFF stacked six feet tall on both sides. We have removed a lot of STUFF this past week and will continue for the next few weeks.

Until last week, I only had a foot of clearance on each side after I backed the fifth wheel in. We are making progress. One of the really great things about this whole process is that we know we will never have such a collection of STUFF to deal with again. We will live a much lighter existence!

After we retuned all the garage sale STUFF to the garage we treated ourselves the dinner and had some great mexican food. Sunday we did laundry and somethings around the house. We also ordered a WORX TriVac All-in-One Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac. We have wanted one to take with us when we hit the road.  They were on sale at ACE Hardware but we had to order it.  Can't wait to get it Friday.   


  1. Wow, I guess you do have a lot of STUFF. :)

  2. Help me out here...Are you going full-time soon?? I got lost usual!!! I cannot imagine having to get rid of all our crap we have collected in 35 years here...!

  3. A little bit of something is a whole lot better than a whole lot of nothing. You will get there, just keep on truckin.

  4. What about if you used the Rv garage for your garage sales? Then when it was over, close the door and you'd be ready for the next one. The Rv could sit outside until you got it whittled down?

    We have found that our rented storage building makes it a lot easier to have garage sales. We do put some stuff out so people can see it better, but a lot of remains inside. We only take the large stuff outside. Each week we add more stuff! One of these years we may be "stuff-less".