Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Need Help from the Fulltime Experts

We are both very excited that we will hopefully be able to start our RV fulltiming life real soon. We have spent the last year or so preparing. We need to have a few more garage sales and need to pack a few more things for storage. We’ve been so busy preparing that we’re just now getting to a point where we can slow down a bit.

Now that we’ve slowed down, reality is starting to set in. We’re really about to give up nice twenty-four hundred square foot brick house on two acres of land. We’re really going to move into a thirty-three foot fifth wheel and live all over these glorious United States. WOW, that is exciting and also a little scary.

We both love to travel and explore. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and now that we’re getting closer to making it happen, I’m getting nervous about it. I suppose I am just worried about the unknown. But it is also the unknown that excites me. It is as if I’m excited and nervous to get started.

I suppose this is normal? I’m usually the one that says, it’ll be o.k. We can do this. Now Dawn is the one doing the coaching and reminding me that we can handle it.

I think part of the problem is that neither of us is very mechanically inclined. That means we will have to depend on others when we have mechanical problems. It is true that women really do get taken advantage of when it comes to mechanical repairs but, at the time I know that we’re not total idiots. Besides, I have a grown son that is very mechanical that we can call when we have questions and he’ll guide us in the right direction.

We have a list of things that need to be done before we can hit the road. Our list consist of the following;

Roadside Assistance Policy
We are going to purchase some kind of roadside assistance policy. We would love any kind of suggestions or recommendations.

Fulltimers Insurance Policy
We are going to purchase fulltimers insurance too. The more I read the more confused I get. We could use recommendations

Air Card for Computer
We will purchasing a new laptop before we hit the road and will need to have a good internet source. We could use recommendations.

Camping Clubs
We want to join a camping club that offers discount camping rates
We could use recommendations.

I don’t know what else we will need. We could use recommendations on that too.

We are just hoping that some of you that are already fulltimers can help us out with some recommendations and advice to what we may need that we haven’t thought about. We would greatly appreciate any free advise we could get.