Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Kitchen Faucet

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday we had another garage sale. It was a slow day. We didn’t have many people stop by but we did sell many things.

After the garage sale we loaded up the car with STUFF and made a trip to our local Helping Hands Thrift Store and made a donation. We then went for Mexican food and ran some errands.

Sunday morning we had breakfast and did some laundry. I installed a new kitchen sink faucet in the fifth wheel. I am so proud of myself. I've never installed a faucet before and just thought I'd at least make an attempt before I asked for help.

It was kind of difficult getting up under the kitchen sink. first problem is the cabinet door opening in approximately eighteen inches wide and I am,  well let's just say a LOT wider than that.

I didn't have any real problem getting the old faucet out. The problem started when I slide my large upper body into this small opening and had to twist around to reach above my head to attach the new faucet. It took about twenty minutes to get everything fastened down before I could hook up all the water lines. OK, with that all done I had to somehow slide myself out of the rather small opening. Suddenly I felt like I had stuck my upper body in one of those Chinese finger traps. Yes, I slide in there fairly easy but it appears that sliding out was a different matter!

My back was really starting to hurt and so were my legs. My arms were numb from having them over my head in an awkward position for the past twenty or so minutes. Here I am, stuck under the kitchen sink and all alone. Dawn’s in the house doing something in the kitchen while coaching TV football. If I yell out she wouldn’t hear me. No, not a chance, when she’s coaching, the volume goes way up and I’m not just talking about the TV!

After a minute or so of resting my arms, I decided I would attempt to hook up the supply lines while I was under there. That only took a second. I than realized my legs were starting to quiver because of the twisted shape my body was in. I took a deep breath and slide my upper body out of the cabinet and when I thought I was free, I bumped my head on the cabinet facing. Luckily, I was moving slow so I didn’t hit it too hard!

I had to set there for a minute and let my muscles slowly untwist. I couldn’t believe I had it all connected.

As soon as I felt like I could stand, I was on my feet ready to turn on the water and see how well I had done.

I hooked up the hose and asked Dawn to assist me. I asked her to stand at the kitchen cabinet and watch for water leaking when I turned on the water. I slowly turned on the water and waited for her to yell out to turn off the water. I never heard her say anything. I walked back around to the door of the trailer as the water began to shoot out of the veggie sprayer into the living room. She quickly grabbed the veggie sprayer and aimed it towards the sink drain. The veggie sprayer would not shut off! I must have connected something wrong.

I looked under the sink and checked. It was all hooked up like the instructions stated. Dawn was steadily working with the veggie spray to get it to turn off when it occurred to me that the water lines were full of air too. The air in the lines might be causing the veggie spray to stay on. I asked Dawn to go into the bathroom and turn on the lavatory faucet and see if that helped relieve the air in the line. After a few seconds, the veggie sprayer stopped. I let the water to continue to run a few minutes. This allowed the air to pass through the lines. We tried the veggie sprayer again. It works, just like it’s intended to.

WOW! its working fine with no leaks!

Sunday afternoon we took a friend a birthday cake. I also had to change out a signal light bulb on the ION. That is the first bulb we’ve had to replace on that car. That went well.

We had dinner out and turned into bed early. I feel like I have been hit by a Mac truck. I am very much out of shape and all this lifting and moving STUFF is really getting to me.

We also did some reorganizing of our front basement compartment.  Things are easier to find now.