Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Dumpster Visit

Last week was CRAZY! First of all, we have several friends and family members that were hospitalized last week. Our Neighbor, Great Uncle, Cousin and a good friend’s brother.

Friday evening we loaded the truck and made another dumpster visit. The RV garage is starting to look better. We did uncover a couple of boxes of STUFF that was left over from the estate sale we had a few years ago. That was a great find. The STUFF in the boxes already had prices on them!

On Saturday we did house work and laundry. We stayed close to home because we are dog sitting for some friends and needed to let the dogs out several times a day.

On Sunday I peddled around the house while Dawn coached TV football. She loves her football! I am not a big football fan. I took full advantage of the great weather. I worked outside and made a couple of bedside shelves for the bedroom on the fifth wheel. They will come in handy for holding a glass, eye glasses, remote and cell phone.

It took me several hours to cut the wood and paint and than a few minutes to hang them. I took pictures but for some reason they didn’t upload. Oh well, I‘ll post them later. I think they turn out really nice and I know they will come in handy.

We also drug a mattress and box springs out with the garage. The city allows us one bulk item per week to be picked up with our garbage. The neighbor is letting us put one at their garbage can too. What a deal! We now have two mattresses and one box springs left.

Yep, we are making progress.

We also would like to give our condolences to Tioga George ( ) for the passing of his son David.