Friday, October 15, 2010

More Progress

We have spent several evenings this week out in the RV garage and have made some real progress. We have sorted, thrown out and boxed up a lot of STUFF. Once again, I’m proud to announce that our KEEP pile was the smallest of all the piles.

We are now placing our KEEP boxes in one small area of the RV garage. We will soon be moving everything out of the spare bedroom and placing it in the RV garage as well. Before long we will be repainting the interior of the house and it will be nice to do that without much furniture in the way. I love to paint so that is something that I am saving for the cold weather when we can’t work outdoors.

I just can’t express how excited I am that we have made this much progress. It has been a job well worth doing. We both agree we will never accumulate this much STUFF again. We found boxes of old paperwork from our bed and breakfast that we closed about ten years ago. Some of the boxes we found were empty.

We’ll be taking another truck load of trash to the dumpster next week. Can you imagine anyone having this much trash in their garage. I am ashamed. This got out of hand because we had so much going on at once and then we settled into life here and didn’t make any effort to go back and sort through all the STUFF.

This all started building up when Dawn’s mother passed away unexpectedly. Shortly thereafter her father’s health began to decline. So we closed our guest house and catering business and moved in with him. That meant we had to store some of our STUFF and some of his STUFF in order for us to have room in his house.

We put most of our STUFF in storage so that he was not overwhelmed too much when we moved in with him. His mind continued to slip and he died a few years later.

We liked being back in town and made the decision to remodel the house. We drew up our plans and found a contractor. The contractor had another job he was starting and we would have to wait a little while. That was fine with us, we had a lot of STUFF to sort and pack. Well, his other job kind of went south and he was able to start our remodel right away. That meant we just packed up everything and put it in storage.

When the house was finished we brought in some of our old STUFF and also bought some new. We got all settled in and started our catering businesses. Therefore a lot of STUFF remained in storage, untouched until now.

So now you see how we got into this mess! This year has been a year of playing catch up. We are now going through her STUFF, his STUFF and our STUFF. The good news is we are finally making progress and it’s really starting to show.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we may be able to hit the road sooner than expected, so we have to get it all done.

We will share details as soon as everything is a for sure thing.


  1. Whew! You two have been doing lots of what WE should do...DOWNSIZE!!! If McGuyver would leave me alone in the garage for a day, I could diminish lots of stuff!!! However...he is a keeper and I am a thrower...A bit of a problem more than once!!

  2. We all keep way more stuff than we will ever need. When we put our house up for sale, I was amazed at all the crap we had. Believe me, it will never be missed. It is actually a relief to be rid of it. Stay safe.

  3. Seems like going through so many people's stuff could be overwhelming at times. Stick to it, you're doing very well! Are you still in the catering business?

  4. It is so easy for us to accumulate stuff. It always makes me think of George Carlin's routine on stuff and how ridiculous it is that we have so much of it. I'm glad we are past that part. I'm glad that you can feel the progress, isn't just a load off your shoulders. I know it was for us. Sometimes I don't think we realize how much "stuff" weighs us down.

  5. Getting rid of stuff is an ongoing process. It seems I get rid of one box, and buy more stuff to fit a new box!
    It's freeing though. Truly.
    Now that my house has been virtually empty for over a year, we would be shocked if we had stuff again!
    Good luck on the stuff!