Friday, January 28, 2011

Doggy Pen?

We now have a nice new portable doggy pen to carry with us on the road. I noticed the doggy pen that Rick & Paulette( had and I sent them an email asking them about theirs and how well they liked it. They were kind enough to share information with us.

Last night we went out for dinner and decided afterwards we would stop by our PetSmart store and see if they had the portable doggy pens that Rick & Paulette have. Not only do they have the ones we wanted and they were on sale for $52.49. That’s a good price. I have been looking at them online and they're  expensive.
I asked the sales clerk why they were on sale, listed as discontinued and he said they're not going to carry the black coated style anymore. They were discounting them in order to make room for the other color. We don’t care if they’re black coated. We bought 2 of them. I was so excited about getting such a good deal.

When we got home I took them out of the boxes and set them up to see if we thought they would work well for us.

This exercise pen is made of Black E-Coat finish. It has a double latch gate. It’s easy to set up. No tools needed. It's very versatile as far as how you want to configure it. It also comes with ground anchors & corner stabilizers.

This will definitely work. We need at least one more set. We want to have enough of the doggy pen to go around the perimeter of our canopy. We want to be able to set inside the fenced area with our kids without it being too crowded. One more set and we’ll be fixed up.

This morning I got online and checked to see if by chance I could find one more that was a good price. Sure did! The CSN Store had them for $38.95 with free shipping!!!!!

Here is the website;

I like that price even better. I ordered one more.

Now we have a nice portable doggy pen for our four legged kids to play in.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. We've used the doggy fences for the past 3 years and love them - so do Molly and Rylie actually as they can come and go from our 5'er whenever they want. It sure beats being tied up on a leash!

  2. The cage looks great. I guess it folds down to lie flat.. Storage would still be a problem for us.

  3. Such a great idea for your furry friends...As Rick said, so much more fun for them than being on a leash!...and....good job on the online one...I love a good sale!

  4. I got this same den for our dog, she tore it apart the second we weren't around. Only 23lbs at the time, she tore it apart like it was nothing. But then we have a crazy dog too, Basenji's are just plain nuts...

    Good luck with it, I hope it works out! :)


  5. We have used the doggie pens ourselves and really love them. Just as Rick enables our furry travelers to sit outside with us and enjoy the fresh air.
    What a great deal you got :-) I might see if our local PetsMart has any left at that price!!

  6. Like Erik, I don't think it would contact Miss Sadie....esp when she's in "crack dog" mode. LOL!

    But I have used them in the past with smaller dogs and they work great! Glad you found a good sale on them.

  7. It does look like a good idea, but I hope my wife does not see this, or I will be out looking for one:(

  8. Looks like you got a great bargin and the kids will enjoy being free to run around without the leash.

  9. great least you can just open the trailer door and let them out! fumbling for leashes etc!!..and a great price to boot!!

  10. Thanks for the tip on the dog pen. Our old dogs probably would not challenge it at all even though they are 40-50 lbs. They just want to sit with us. I'm definitely going to check in to it. Thanks again.

  11. We travel with a cat. SInce a kitten he's worn a halter and knows when I get the leash out, to head for the door. Sometimes I've thought about getting some type of enclosure for outside. But then again, just one more thing to find a place for!

  12. I thought I had the worlds largest collection of X Pens. (Thats what dog show folks call 'em) I have three that I string out and it creates a nice yard area for dogs and me. They also ride nicely on my roof rack and provide a good base for stacking other items up there without having to invest in cross bars. A couple racket type tie downs is all that needed to keep them snug and balanced.