Friday, January 14, 2011

New Phones

We got a text from Verizon that it’s time to upgrade our phones. Well, I’ll go for that because my phone battery is about shot and I have to put it in the charger every day. I use my phone to talk on and that’s it. My phone doesn’t even have a camera on it. I’m so old school!!!

Dawn on the other hand is always taking pictures, sending text and doing all kinds of other things with her phone. She is so up with the text lingo that when someone sends me a text she has to translate it for me! I know it’s SAD.

Anyway we were having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant when we received the text about upgrading our phones. After dinner we stopped by the Verizon store. We were lucky enough to have a really nice patient young man show us all the phones and explain the differences. After explaining to him that I’m somewhat old school when it comes to using a cell phone, he showed us the Droid Incredible.

It is an interesting phone. He showed us the features and told me to play with it for a few minutes. I think that even I could learn this phone. Dawn said she liked it too.

It is buy one get one free! I like that even better. O.K, so now I am spending all my free time trying to learn how to use this Droid phone. It’s really easy to use and the sound is very clear.

The user Guide is two-hundred and six pages. The Guide doesn’t come with the phone. You have to download it from the internet.

Look Out World, I’m going high tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise