Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeling Better

We are starting to feel some what better. Neither of us have any energy. We take turns getting the four legged kids fed and preparing something for us to eat.

We're so fortunate to have some wonderful friends that have made homemade chicken noodle soup and delivered it to our back door. Our elderly neighbors were good enough to make us a large pot of stew and made a grocery store run for us.

The four legged kids have really enjoyed their mom's laying around. They are sticking to us like glue. Then on top of everything else, it snowed here all day yesterday. We have a good four inches on the ground. that is very unusual for north Texas. During the night we also were blessed with freezing drizzle. We spent the morning watching all the news about the snow ans the road conditions. were out on the roadways reporting all the traffic accidents and getting video of cars slipping and sliding around on the frozen roads.

We are grateful we aren't traveling in that mess.Travel Safe Dawn and Denise