Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honey Wagon!?!

We need to buy a “Honey Wagon” How on earth did a sewer transporting devise ever get that name? I’m not sure I even want to know the answer to that question!

"Honey Wagon" is a term used to describe a vehicle that transports sewer from the holding tanks of RV to a dumping station when there is no sewer available at the campsite.

Anyway, we need to buy a sewer tote and don’t know anything about them. We are counting on our very knowledgeable RVing blog friends to help us out here.

After some of the experiences we have read and after many of our own uncomfortable experinces with empting the black tank, I have decided to purchase an outfit that is appropriate for the job.

Please let us know what you have and how well you like it.

Thanks in advance

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. Sorry... After tossing this around many times we decided NOT to purchase one. We have a holding tank big enough to hold Black for 2 weeks and Grey a few days. Our problem was where do we keep/store it when not in use. Many people use them and are happy with them. Good luck on your decision!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Things to keep in mind regarding a "blue boy" or "sewage tote" or whatever you want to call them.

    The bigger sizes, 32 gallon or 25 gallon are most convenient because you don't need to use them as often as the smaller ones. However, these sizes will weigh approximately 320 lbs and 250 lbs when full, so make sure you can manage those weights. Many of the larger ones also come with a tow ball attachment so that you can hook it onto the back of your pickup and drag it over to the dump station.

    The smaller ones are easier to handle, but of course you will have to dump more often.

    The whole secret to using these containers is conservation of your resources to begin with! So the less water you put into your holding tanks, the less you will have to empty them.


  3. We thought we'd need one years ago when we had a travel trailer. We may have used it once. Too much of a hassle to use, store etc and we didn't think it held enough to be troubled with it.

  4. We don't have one, either. Frankly, we have no desire to be in a situation where we need one. And, we have no idea where we'd store the thing. But, good luck with that!

  5. Heed what Kevin and Ruth say about weight. They can be a real pain. After my experience with owning and using one quite a few years ago, I'd rather pack up and drive to a dump station than get another one of those blue boys. :)

  6. Thought about it but changed my mind due to the storage problem while traveling and the weight of the tote when full. We'll just continue to rely on our onboard black tank and sewer hook-ups.

    I've seen folks using these things and they almost always seem to get splashed with yucky sewer water!

  7. We have one just like the one in your picture. We bought it when we had a smaller rig. Our new rig has larger tanks so not sure we will take it full time.

  8. Yup. What everybody else said. We don't have one either, for all those reasons. Sorry.

    Why do you want one?

  9. The reason we are looking to buy one is due to the fact that not all the places we like to stay is equipped with sewer. We would rather lug one of these around rather than having to hook everything up and drive to the dump station.

    Thanks for the comments

  10. We have one - the 25 gallon size - and have needed to use it two/three times each summer since we got it. We like that it hooks up to your hitch if you're taking it somewhere close by - like the dump station at the park you're camped in. For longer trips - like to the dump station 5 miles up a dirt road in Taylor Park, Colorado, it takes two of us to lift it up into the bed of the truck. But we managed just fine. It's been invaluable.

  11. I'm with you..We have one, and I think it is fairly big. We use it lots because we rarely stay anywhere with full hook-ups...State Parks, Army Corps parks..We love to stay at these kinds of places...Dennis does the "dumping", but he never complains...We usually "dump" after 8 days or so...and we use our shower every other day,so we have lots of gray water...Bought ours at a Camping World...and we stow it underneath with no problem.

  12. If you're staying fer' a spell in a park with no sewer hookup and have room to store it they're OK. Just remember that you'll be dumpin' twice with each use, once into the 'Blue boy' and then again at the dump station. We have a small 10-12 gal one that I use with the truck camper when visiting and have the camper off the truck. It straps on the ladder for travel.
    Remember a lot of what keeps your black tank clean is the 'Big Woosh' that occurs when you dump normally. Always make sure you have at least a 2/3 full tank in order to get a good flush. Also dumping into the 'Blue Boy' you may be hesitant(I am), to open the black valve an "Let 'er Fly", for fear of overfilling the Blue Boy'. Nobody wants to watch a brown gusher, from the 'Blue Boy' overflow! This negates the 'Big Woosh' cleaning affect possibly leaving solids in the bottom of your tank to build up time after time.
    If we're talkin' about using it for the grey tank it's no sweat.
    Just my take on the matter(brown matter that is).

  13. Don't have one, don't need one. Our black water holding tank lasts us for two weeks. I have seen people who use them and tow them behind their vehicle. Barry and Linda point out some interesting info above - I'd also be afraid to 'let er fly'. Good luck with your decision.

  14. Having watched many uses of these devices, many with disgusting outcomes, and some that had be laughing uncontrollably, I can hardly imagine I would ever own one.

  15. We don't have one and hoping that we'll never need one, especially after reading all of the comments. We've parked for over a week without sewer hookups and as long as we conserve (primarily by using the public showers) we made it just fine. I think we'll probably plan around the sewer issue and not stay anywhere longer than a week without sewer hookups. Good luck in whatever decision you make!