Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOW, SNOW Everywhere

WELCOME to DALLAS SuperBowl goers!

The weather here in north Texas is unbelievable. We almost never have freezing tempatures for more then a couple of days. We have suffered a weeks worth of freezing temps and sleet and ice storm. Last night it snowed and it is at least five inches deep now.

There are freeways shut down due to the ice and snow. Snow plows from west Texas have come into Dallas to help with the freeways. We don't have that kind of equipment here because we don't have a need for it until NOW.

The weatherman is calling for more snow on Tuesday.

The good news, The temp is going to start raising on Saturday and by Sunday it's going to be in the forties. At least the weather for the SuperBowl will be good!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise